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Rate/improve my team

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Below are my 7 keepers

Kyrie Irving Bos - PG,SG

C.J. McCollum Por - PG,SG

Victor Oladipo Ind - PG,SG

Klay Thompson GS - SG,SF

Jabari Parker Mil - SF,PF

Serge Ibaka Tor - PF,C

Hassan Whiteside Mia - C


I think my team seems best built for punting assists.


Best players I'm dropping

Eric Gordon

Seth Curry

Wilson Chandler

Richaun Holmes

Jahlil Okafor



Any advice about players to target during draft or realistic trades I should shoot for to improve my team?



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Agreed with the guy above, grab bigs and punt assists and ft% if you have to. Maybe Howard's gonna be available, if I was to take that route i'd target such players, DeAndre, Capela and the company. If you don't feel like punting ft% and don't want to waste Kyrie's value there i'd target players like Valanciunas, Brook Lopez, Myles Turner, you can pick Robin Lopez aswell with one of your last picks.


Help with mine?

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