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Andre Drummond 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Never forget. ??‍♂️

he took the all star snub personally. He deserves to be all star this year more than Kevin Love or even John Wall / Lowry. The justification that winning teams get rewarded with all-stars also doesn't

When the Andre Drummond owner leads the league in FT %  

15 minutes ago, HotSauce24 said:

He could easily be averaging 20/15/4/1.5/1.5 if his teammates fed him the ball.

Meh i dont know about that. The problem in years past was thats exactly what they were doing, feeding him the ball, expecting him to be an offensive player that he isn't. I like his role now, he looks comfortable. 

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1 minute ago, My Dinner With Andre said:

Lol Drummond is getting his usual 12-13 points and 15-16 boards per game but he's sneaking those assists and FT's in without alot of people noticing




Another big line tonight

more blks n steals less ft%, assists, t/o


this is not what i signed up for :ph34r:

not complaining 

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Just wanted to reiterate what I posted on the Rubio thread:


Just now, MWon said:

Just a fun fact:  With 3 games each this week, Drummond is currently out-passing Rubio and it's not close (20 to 15).  Never thought I'd see the day when my big (known primarily for rebounding) is getting 25% more assists than my PG (known primarily for his passing)...FWIW, Drummond's at 3.9 assists this year and Rubio's at 5.0.  In addition, Drummond is currently at 81% FT shooting this week on high volume (13/16), and Rubio's at 50% (4/8).  Drummond is currently 30% better than Rubio at the line.


Just a really strange year, man.

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He's on the sidelines getting his left shoulder massaged by his medical staff. He played 14 minutes but didn't play down the stretch in the 2nd quarter. Something to monitor if he doesn't start after half-time. Boban seems to be doing a better job containing Embiid so maybe they didn't need to rush Drum out there.

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This guy has turned into a hairy-shouldered Jokic.  Stats over the last 14 days: 16/14/5, 1.3 steals, 1.5 blocks on 59% FG.  TOs are high (4.3) and his FT% is still ugly at 67% on 5 attempts but that's an improvement.   He could finish in the top 25 if Detroit keep this up.

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