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Zach Miller or Jesse James today? WHIR

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I just acquired Jesse James in a trade and now I have both TE's in the Chi-Pit game today :) I hadn't expected the trade to go through today so now I need a quick decision.


All things I'm looking at seem very similar:

- both have similar stats in targets, catches and yards for 2016 and 2016; both get red zone targets

- James has Big Ben behind him

- Miller however has Glennon, who threw on average around 30/260/1 so far which is actually slightly more than Roethlisberger so far this year. 

- The Pit D is considerably stronger than Chi: 237 against 340 yds allowed, so that's a big argument against Miller

- Roethlisberger is not always at his best away from home.

- also, James is still marked as questionable.


So, questionable James against weaker defense or healthy Miller against stronger D? What do you choose? WHIR. Thx!


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2 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

2 time SB champ QB

You mean he's 35 and possibly finally over the hill? Yes, good point.

Glennon didn't impress much until this season, but with Chicago this season he's actually pretty efficient and not worse than Roethlisberger. We're playing this game in 2017, not in 2009 or 2006.

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11 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

James since he has a 2 time SB champ QB throwing to him. 


Jacob Hollister has a five timer throwing to him.  Pick him up!!!!!


I'd go Miller.


Return the favor?


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