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12 Team, H2H, 9 Cat


Traded my 1st overall to someone's 7th and 18th overall.


1. Kawhi

2. Whiteside

3. Lowry

4. Embiid (25th overall. cringe-worthy?)

5. Rubio

6. Oladipo

7. Tobias Harris

8. Marquese Chriss

9. Taurean Prince

10. Thad Young

11. Lin

12. Mudiay

13. Bogdan Bogdanovic

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Yeah Embiid was too early imo, but overall your team is pretty nice. Excellent value with Dipo and Lin and I think Bogdan will be a sleeper. I think you lack a solid third big to give you depth and expand on having Hassan and Embiid. Also, just my opinion, but I have never owned Rubio ever and don't plan to due to the fact that I just hate his fg%. 

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Hmm so do you plan to funt ft%? You have just one clear punt ft% player but Thad is also bad in ft shooting but others are more or less good, dunno why you picked Hassan there, for the big man cats? Was Myles Turner available? I also wouldn't pick Embiid so, same with Chriss, but i think you got great value picks in Rubio Thad Oladipo and Lin, all of them could have a really nice season and outperform their ADPs. If you manage to trade Hassan for some big that can shoot fts you could be good in that cat, but if you decide to punt that cat that's ok aswell. I think you have a nice team and would expect you to be somewhere around the top of the league


Help with mine?

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