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Kyle Lowry 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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I have both Delon and Lowry, so I’m trying to anti-anti-anti-jinx his injury and somehow get DeMar injured. 

Where are complainers? Come on, don't come here only when Kyle has a bad game, give him some props after having a big game like this one

You can’t be serious. In fact that could be borderline vetoed. 

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47 minutes ago, hoopking said:

but a game from him tomorrow would be good and another 3 games from some scrub would be nice. but hey , didnt know he's a can't cut list type of guy

Yahoo has that in place for your first 2 picks it's to "prevent" top picks from being drop to cheat .let your league manager know you will be dropping Lowry (if needed) he can drop him for you its not illegal. He was my second keeper(2 per year) along side harden will drop for good and keep Oladipo next year

You can get 3 games out of other players team for Wednesday Friday Sunday .

Only reason Im dropping is because I have a-lot of 3 game players and Harden/Capela resting tmrw just to **** me over


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