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I was wondering how you guys draft for FT%, do you aim for high volume FT% anchors like Harden/DeRozan? I had a thought that if I just 
draft above average guys I should be ok, especially big men.

ie. my keepers right now

Dangelo Russell
Goran Dragic
Jrue Holiday

Now I know Jrue had a horrible outlier of an year last year for his FT% but I fully expect him to recover this year. I dont
get how he averaged 84% the previous years and then dropped to like 70 when he came back from injury.

With this lineup I *should* be pretty competitive as long as I round them out well with decent FT% and not have to aim for
a high volume guy, what do you guys do?

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I've had a lot of success in recent years building around a high volume and good percentage  FT guy.


I've used mainly Harden, but had Derozan last year and Lillard this year. Thomas is another great FT% anchor but he's out for at least half the season. If you have one of these you can afford to have a few bigs around the 65-70% mark, assuming they are low volume (ie less than 3-4 attempts per game). I still try to draft players with good percentages though ;)


And under no circumstances should you pair a terrible high volume FT% with any of the above guys. Eg Dwight, Drummond, Jordan. I'd avoid Gobert and Whiteside as well as Lebron due to his high volume high 60's FT% 

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I only really play roto, so i will always try to be well balanced, and let the stars on my team dictate what directionI want to take my team. I will compile a list of players I like, but I am very reactionary during draft day in that I usually will select the best available (and also get good value) while trying to get stud bigs and pgs foremost. That being said, I will NEVER draft Dwight, DJ, and Drummond, no matter what.  Last year I drafted Hassan, traded him midway in a deal for Gobert (among others) and won my league. I also like to have positive ft anchors when I have players such as those two. 

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28 minutes ago, rage2021 said:

What if you miss out on one of the FT studs early on? 

Kind of goes back to your league settings and team strategy.  For me, for Roto, I will never consciously punt a category. If I stay away from those three neg ft anchors I mentioned, I won't need to. This also comes into play for me for  fg%. I will never target a stud just for their ft%, rather, I like to have a well balanced team with above ave or league leading potential in 5-6 + categories. That's why, to me, glue guys (a la Gary Harris, even a big like Dieng) are so crucial in Roto

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Yeah I agree I think I got a good start with AD/Joker as my bigs so I figure i shouldn't give up on FT, even Wall shot it 80%+ last year.


My trouble will come drafting in later round trying to find well balanced guys who shoot leauge average, but you always look for that 1-2 guys who can put you over the top. I think a guy like Lou Williams is undervalued in this in that can really help shore up your FT%/3's and steals.

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