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Dennis Smith Jr for Aaron Gordon

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Straight up in a 9-cat H2H dynasty, who do you prefer long-term? I have Smith. I don't have a particular need at any position, really. Below is my team:


PG Westbrook
SG Curry

G Russell

SF Middleton

PF LeBron

F Millsap
C Whiteside

C Jordan

Util Capela

Util Fournier

Util Covington

BN Lin

BN Brogdon

BN Kanter

BN Smith Jr

BN Hood

BN Johnson (MIA)

BN Collins (ATL)



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You seem to be loaded at point guard (WB,Curry, Dlo, Lin, Brogdon, DSJ) and I think that's an interesting swap.


Gordon is still really young, has already flashed top 50 upside (across the board production), is on a bad team, and not an injury risk although he's had his fair share of them.

DSJ is starting and expectations for him are really high which potentially means he's most valuable as a trade chip before the season starts. 



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This has to be a 4 team league right?  I'd take my chances with Smith as it seems like Cuban wants him to be the future. Gordon, while nice, has always unachieved so might as well roll the dice with the upside since you don't really have a need for anything. You could always trade for Gordon easier than Smith(if he blows up) since Smith is an x-factor

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Gordon was phenomenal last year once they started playing him at his natural position of PF.

He was top 41 in the last month averaging 32min, 17pts, 6.1rbs, 1.7asts, 1.2stls, 0.8blks, 1.2 3's on 51%/84%.

He was top 63 in the last 2 months averaging 31min, 16, 6.2, 1.8, 1, 0.7, 0.8 on 50%/83%.


He's also 22 and has only played 2.5 seasons in the league.

Comes down to whether you think he can sustain that efficiency and even improve on his 3s and defensive numbers.

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I actually think you could flip Smith Jr for more based on the hype around him at the moment. I think Gordon will put up better numbers than Smith this year, provided they play him at the 4 as they did at the end of last year with great effect- and you're definitely stacked at PG. But I would still hold DSJ or look for a better deal.


Help with mine?


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DSJ and it isn't even close, especially when you factor in your team build. You are never going to be good with TOs with Westbrook, Lebron, Russell so you may as well get DSJ and crush the steals and assists even more. Plus, DSJ has more upside. This isn't something I would consider in dynasty. 

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