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Derrick Rose 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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58 minutes ago, crocp said:


Ain't nobody in the last 2-3 years smart enough to bet on Roses' fantasy stats too

So that maks it cool to call a player whos given his all from a really young age, but whos been dealing with loads of injuries a vagina? Y'all need a reality check. Smh.  



Edit: https://twitter.com/lawyerfrozenman/status/934142907103236096

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17 hours ago, lbjames6 said:


Is he? I always heard he was a dolt. In interviews he seems pretty slow up top too.

Not only isn't he smart, but he's not especially personable, either.  He's got a hell of a cushion to make mistakes in his post basketball career, but it's not like he's especially gifted at non basketball life. 

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2 hours ago, The 7th Beatles said:



Good for him but there's still no real time table. This update means nothing lol he still needs to get his ankle right apparently so he's sitting on a lot of waivers, as he should. He might have some short term value for PTS / FT% anchor and maybe low-end STLS / AST because he was playing well for a team that was struggling before he went down but with how Wade is playing, I'd rather own him right now

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