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Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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I somewhat disagree.  The guy with one less game over a whole fantasy season is like 55/56 as effective as the same player with one more game.  One less game in championship week?  That player is like

Only thing ever hot about this dude is his thread. 

Using the blog writer's logic, Kevin Love, KAT, Al Horford, etc. are just role players.  Kevin, KAT and Al are all being asked to do less than they are capable of.  Carrying it a step further,  even S

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Don’t have any doubts he’ll end up being top 20 or better. With how thin centers are and one that’s elite in blocks as he is he’s built for championship rosters. Real GMs know his real worth.  I’ll take 15/8 along with elite blocks any day over most centers.


*edit: barring any injuries or setbacks. Lol

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Watching the games, I think one of the issues shooting wise is that the system forces him to just screen and pop. If they'd figure a way for a few post ups a game/ mid range Isos, I think the points and offensive rebounding increases. Still, solid numbers regardless

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26 minutes ago, Taipan said:

How is Sabonis' impact on the defensive end?


Not as good as Turner's.  Sabonis has T-rex arms and can't block a shot or jump a passing lane to save his life.  Good rebounder though. 


It's worrying that on a night the entire Indy starting 5 destroys the Knicks and puts up sexy numbers everywhere Turner's production is still ho-hum.  Someone made the comparison of Turner to Ibaka from a few seasons ago and I'm agreeing more and more the more I watch the Pacers play.  Turner's offensive role looks like it's basically just screen & pop all day.

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my question was a rhetorical one but I agree with your assessment.

There are just too many damn mouths in Indy to feed, which I think explains Turner's underwhelming performance so far.

Just think about this: Oladipo, Collison, Sabonis, Bogdanovic, Young, Stevenson...

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