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Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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I somewhat disagree.  The guy with one less game over a whole fantasy season is like 55/56 as effective as the same player with one more game.  One less game in championship week?  That player is like

Only thing ever hot about this dude is his thread. 

Using the blog writer's logic, Kevin Love, KAT, Al Horford, etc. are just role players.  Kevin, KAT and Al are all being asked to do less than they are capable of.  Carrying it a step further,  even S

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56 minutes ago, hardyharhar said:

I have a question. How come he's not getting as many steals this year? He averaged 0.9 last year and is averaging 0.3 this year.


I blame oladipi for everything because im just salty lol

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26 minutes ago, DavidbivaD said:

At least he's got 2 steals... haha


I am actually very grateful for that. Needed steals this week.


26 minutes ago, ctrlsoul said:

I am just happy about the fact that he is playing 


Personally, (in retrospect) I would have rather he didn't so I could have played one of my other guys instead.

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1 hour ago, Portis4Potus said:

Turner better never get married or oladipo will prolly steal his wife too 

Well not only is dipo a straight baller, but apparently he's a pretty good singer as well so this has a very high chance of occurring :D 

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