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Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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35 minutes ago, hardyharhar said:

Ok look. We all agree he's a beast on blocks. It seems we've all come to expect he just sucks on offense. But goddamn man you're 6'11", get at least 5 ******** boards.


The crazy thing is tho is he actually has a nice offensive game he’s just insanely inconsistent this year for some reason. It doesn’t make sense. 

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To add my 2c, I think it's also the way they use him. The coach needs to run more plays for him and get him more aggressive and involved (aka get the chuckers to look for him). He has a nice shooting touch but they are happy to go to Sabonis early if he isn't contributing and sometimes even when he is

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16 hours ago, miasma16 said:

This thread is 38 pages of posts like this. How embarrassing. 

Not really... Lol. If you put up lack luster numbers you don't deserve to be applauded .. still satisfied with his blocks.. and the main reason I think many people are somewhat disappointed is that we skipped on a few better players to draft Myles. 

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You would think without Oladipo, he'd eat more. Foul trouble has been an issue for him the last couple games but don't think I can defend him any longer. I won't be selling him for low as Mirotic but still holds value for leading the league in blocks. 


At this point he is what he is...elite blocks with the occasional steal and 3. Finding that in a center is pretty rare and couple that with the fact that he shoots above average ft% for a big, he isn't all that bad, just not the top 25 player we expected. Alot of good points about him in this thread though, he is primarily a pick and pop guy with damn near no post moves.

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My expectation and I'm sure others as well wasn't top 25 but rather top 15... He was top 35 last year with PG and a year younger and also didn't miss many games. It could be partially due to the concussion but there seems to be more at play with how he is used and his approach

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