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Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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I somewhat disagree.  The guy with one less game over a whole fantasy season is like 55/56 as effective as the same player with one more game.  One less game in championship week?  That player is like

Only thing ever hot about this dude is his thread. 

Using the blog writer's logic, Kevin Love, KAT, Al Horford, etc. are just role players.  Kevin, KAT and Al are all being asked to do less than they are capable of.  Carrying it a step further,  even S

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3 minutes ago, Crazycanto said:

Having my George Hill flashbacks from last season, it'll just be one game...


Sorry guys this was my bad. 


Noooooooooooooooo! I had Hill last year too and Favors two years ago with his back. Let's hope not. What a nightmare!

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22 minutes ago, willkoo said:

does anyone have any kind of update on when he'll be back??? T.T;;

I don't have any information to share, but my gut tells me either 11/3@PHI or 11/5@NYK. I own him thrice and want him back 100%.

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On 10/23/2017 at 4:26 PM, Pirate said:


good insight 


It's easy to say this now, as it was first reported it was simply a sore neck.


The concussion report came way later.


A concussion is WAY different than a sore neck, esp with the league's protocol to clear a player.


But nice try. .

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11 minutes ago, RCRanger03 said:

Anyone else slip in a buy low offer?


I haven't tried, but I guess it couldn't hurt.  But how much can someone panic right now?  It's not near the end of the season like the owner needs him NOW to get into the playoffs or something, and it's not like it's his knee or ankle where the owner would be worried that his game would be affected when it comes back.


I really don't know how you can buy low on this other than trade someone who's like super minorly worse, like Gasol or something.  And even then...

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