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Zach Lavine 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Every Lavine update:   Lavine: I’m good to go Bulls: lolno 

dear sickago bulz,   fantsie team ded no poing guards plz play zak leveen use secrit plays must beest   kthxbai

Nice he is back soon maybe the Timberwolves will be better now.

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3 hours ago, BillWalton said:

That drops his playoff schedule from 3/4/4 to 3/3/3. Not good. 

damn so lame. with his production he is obviously still a hold all the way through but this sucks. oh well just be happy he isn't jimmy butler

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He's come back better and faster than expected but his FG% is not great and he's missing a game a week.

we were all hoping he'd be playing back to backs by playoff time.

maybe he's not  obviously still a hold, at least in ten team league


or maybe i just feel like dropping everyone now that I lost Jimmy Butler.

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Make sure you look at your rosters for those playoff games. For example in my playoffs, he will lose one game in 2 of the 3 rounds. In one of those rounds, if he sits out the 2nd half of the back to back, I will have another bench option to plug in for him as I would have had more than enough bodies for that day. Just double check what you have. 

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no back to back until March 23rd, which is a few days before default finals week in yahoo. that means no risk of rest until basically end of semis which is a very good thing. I would hold for sure until at least that point, his shot is off right now but i don't think it will be a surprise if he goes on a hot streak averaging 20+ with lots of 3s and goodies over the two weeks. 

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