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Brand New Free ESPN Keeper League


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I'm looking to start a new ESPN Keeper League for fantasy basketball. I've been doing fantasy basketball for several years now, but I usually join a random ESPN league where half the owners typically are inactive.


This will be a free 10-team league, and I'm just looking for people who are competitive but ultimately just enjoy playing fantasy basketball. If successful, we could look into making it a money league in the future. This would be my first time ever doing keepers (for either basketball or football), so experience with keepers is not necessary whatsoever.


Let me know if you're interested!

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Myself and a friend would like to join please.





Could you let me know Min/max keepers? And other rule settings?


We have been looking for a decent root keeper on ESPN so this will be perfect!


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In all honesty, once everyone joins we can decide how many keepers to have each season. I'm not too picky about that. We could even make it a full on dynasty if everyone wants to. Scoring wise, it'll be a standard roto league

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On 9/26/2017 at 11:24 AM, Canada North Strong said:

My son and I would love to join this league

So if you have room for two knowledgeable and committed owners email charlesboldson@telus.net



Did you and you son want to own one team together? Or did you each want to have one?

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