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Aaron Gordon 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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On 11/24/2017 at 3:24 AM, Tr3yball said:

So annoying. What could've been an even bigger monster night (and the previous nights past few games where hes been struggling) had Vogel just realized from the beginning that this kid single handedly brought them back from a near 20 point deficit in that 1st half/3rd q and they've now lost every game where (coincidentally? hmmm) he's also struggled to perform in those same exact games they've lost (and still doing decently I might add, despite being uninvolved except from the occasional EP alley/assist but a slasher/3pt spot up for them essentially). Something's gonna change. I haven't been watching the Magic games 100% closely enough so I can't comment if Vogel is still experimenting with different types of offense. Yes I know it's the Fournier/Vuc show majority of the time but every game I've watched so far I swear, he's underutilized being nothing but a spot up shooter or slashes. You'd think last year/this preseason/start of season would've at least told them something but guess we'll have to be patient, whatever the reason is


There is a problem with veteran status and hierarchy in the NBA in general. Guys get pigeon holed and defined by their age or status (rookie/sophmore, etc.), so they have to take a backseat to someone who's clearly a worse player than they are because they are the elder statesmen, it's horse-s--- really. 


Quin Snyder got it right, let a player keep shooting and work through his mistakes because in the bigger picture/long-run it'll benefit the team (and now we've seen with Donovan Mitchell it clearly helped him to work out the shooting kinks nice and early). By contrast, SVG ruined Stanley Johnson's development and I think he's been mentally broken since, he yanked him at every opportunity in his first two seasons, and now he's trying to make up for it by playing him heavy minutes - and the guy is clearly mentally shot right now. 


That brings us back to the Magic, Aaron Gordon seemingly can't do anything more right than he currently is, but in this system all he does is slash and catch and shoot, when he should be bringing the ball coast to coast as he did early on in the season when he scored 40 points and in preseason. They were unleashing him as this LeBron/Griffin like monster, then 'je mappelle Fournier' stepped in to curb all that noise and take jumpshot after jumpshot, and that was the beginning of Gordon as a 5th option. 

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4 minutes ago, Lifschitz said:


It's fine to have Vucevic as the go-to guy, but Gordon should be the 1B right next to him.. not Fournier. Fournier is a glorified Bojan Bogdanovic. He's getting to jack up shots on a bad team and make a name for himself while the team loses games. He should at best be their sixth man given the way he plays, not their go-to option offensively. 

I agree entirely but that's kind of what Fournier has been the last few years and he's been hot this year which isn't helping things. At least they are playing AG @ power forward this time around

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The team’s rotations are poorly constructed and part of it is bc bismack is useless. They need more of a defensice presence at the five bc vooch is a turnstile. In today’s nba there is no way you can be a very good team with him anchoring your defense. The fantasy effect is you have four guys basically fighting over shots in the starting lineup. 

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Evan’s awful. Frustrating to watch this team. Rotations have been mindless — ball watching or watching each other. And then yeah, it’s get Vuc his looks with heroes stepping up to take over every other possession. It’s a testament to how good Gordon is that he isn’t getting caught up in the frenzy. My ratios appreciate it anyway.


Between this joker, that loser in MN who thinks KAT should get <20 touches, and the Nerlens saga coaching Fails are costing me.


Hope Fournier sucks his way into the doghouse but somehow I doubt it.

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If Aaron wasn't on my team i'd think he's struggling big time and really underperforming. He's ranked 16th in the last month, 18th in the last couple of weeks, i am sure he's playing much better than what you paid for him/pick/round where you picked him.


Yeah, he could score more, get more shots, he probably deserves it, but who cares, he's making threes, rebounding, blocking shots, he's efficient. Are points really that overrated that this thread sounds more like guys are complaining about him than praising him. Be grateful for what he's giving you. I am perfectly happy with him.

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16 minutes ago, Manos A said:

Started with 0/4 but who cares? 6 shots in 6 mins and draw a shooting foul, looks like they are targeting him. HELL YEAH!! I hope its not just match up based.

I came here just to say this hahah he's finally getting touches like a number one option!!! HOLY HELLL

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Kid’s motor is ridiculous. The extra minutes are coming as first option for the second team. OKC is leaving PG on the court to guard him, and he’s taking Paul on isolation plays.


Also, with fewer repetitions, that two man game with Fournier and Vuc looks effective again. AG getting the usage really helps this team. The D is so middling they almost have to shoot .500 to win. Let’s hope this becomes a trend.

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