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Aaron Gordon 2017-2018 Season Outlook


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5 minutes ago, Jin said:

By far the worst season for injuries. :angry:


Over the past three seasons it seems to have gotten progressively worse.. and funny enough it's as the pace has increased where these guys are just running and gunning nonstop, it's hard to keep up that kind of pace and energy each game while also playing physically without getting injured.


On the other hand, I'm starting to believe the league has just gotten softer - in the 90's it was blasphemy to sit out with minor boo-boos, today they will force you to sit no matter what. I guess it's because the players are treated more like multi million dollar assets and are being coddled more. 

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53 minutes ago, SicarioSanity said:

Best case scenario is 7 to 10 days out for a grade 1 calf strain. Weeks for grade 2 and months for grade 3. Dammit.


While I'm not playing under the rigours of the NBA nor am I an athlete the calibre of Gordon (duh), I've had calf pulls that felt real painful at first and the next day I was fine and could play again if I wanted to.

It's one of those 'varies on the severity of the pull' type injuries. 


I had one last year where I couldn't walk for 2 weeks without limping/couldn't put weight on it and even after I recovered every time I tried to play again for the next 2 months it would re-pull. 



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24 minutes ago, kane said:




That's actually not that bad man.. that's happened to a lot of people playing ball just running and it pulls because you over-exerted the muscle. I actually think he'll be fine watching this. I have a feeling it's going to be nothing big, but of course I could be wrong.

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3 minutes ago, THE_MAGIC_MAN said:

i'm feeling 6-8 weeks here... thats just the vibe i'm getting. 


We'll find out shortly, but I envision that as nearly worst case scenario. He definitely pulled up lame, which is scary, but he also was walking without a limp on the way to the locker room. Seems like if he really did some damage to his calf, putting weight on it would be pretty darn painful.

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