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Aaron Gordon 2017-2018 Season Outlook


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4 hours ago, Portis4Potus said:

How misleading is that blurb? Makes it sound like he’s def gonna be back Tuesday. Someone dropped him and I read the blurb and picked him up 

What blurb? Common sense says AG will be back given he hasn't been exhibiting symptoms for over a week. Hopefully he just passes the damn test otherwise I'm starting to think about a Magic tank conspiracy theory.

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38 minutes ago, Saltgurkan15 said:

Im happy that he’s Back right in time for My semis but also sad knowing he’ll probably tank My Field goal 




Considering his first game back is versus the Raptors (who will be fuming after having their 11 game streak snapped, and are a great defensive team regardless), I probably wouldn't plug him back in right away...

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1 hour ago, flat_eric said:

Great through the first three quarters, cringeworthy fourth quarter. This dude's unfettered willingness to jack up ridiculous three point attempts in succession is disastrous as an owner.


As per my post above, I was expecting a lot worse (would've bet on him shooting .367 rather than .467) so I'll take it!

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2 hours ago, samer42 said:

Seriously considering benching him today. Championship week and my match up will come down to fg%. Watch this be the night he puts up 40/8/6 again though :wacko:



it is against the mavs and they are sitting a lot of players. i have him and taurean prince playing. they can either shoot 10/15 or 3/18

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what happened to him. i think hes on my DND list from now on. started the year so well and efficient. now he's injury prone, soft, and shoots horrible percentages for 3's and ft's. settles way too much on jumpshots. and if it's not going in he keeps shooting instead of driving or cutting. 

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