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Giannis Antetokounmpo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Can't believe I've had ticket to see Giannis play the Sixers tonight for months and then of course he isn't playing.  Incredible

MIL office must have read this post of yours and decided, "We will not be fooled anymore!" lol

What you all are "building"? If undisputed TOP5 pick is hard to "build" then something is wrong. Don't "build", but just make a team.

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23 hours ago, Jrueordare said:

Any chance he will miss the start of the regular season?  If he does would that drop him down a couple of spots ? 


He twitted: "I'm coming" , yesterday evening. He will probably return to the team soon.


A nice graph with his 4 first seasons stats:




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Worries are over. 


Giannis Antetokounmpo (personal) was back at practice on Wednesday.

Antetokounmpo recently took some time away from the team due to the passing of his father, but him going through Wednesday morning's shootaround suggests that his preseason debut should be right around the corner. The Greek Freak should only continue to get better during his age-23 season, so you could easily justify taking him No. 1 overall on draft day.
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How can the opponents expect him to show mercy, when he destroys his team-players like that :D:D


Ps: It might be only practice and pre-season games, but his jump shot looks good so far. Can you imagine Giannis with Dirk-like fadeaway and decent threat for far ? Game over ? :D




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The MVP season continues.


The Cavs pulled away for good while Giannis was on the bench. Only returned around the 6 minute mark on the 4th. Had a lot of Draymond like assists at the top and while posting up (mostly to Brogdon again). Got to the rim easily all night (thanks Love).

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That was a phenomenal show by Giannis in the 4th Qtr. Definite MVP-like signature performance. What did he have, like 17 pts in the 4th? Along with 2 game-saving steals in the final 31 seconds and 1 game saving block with 4 seconds left, which somehow has not been credited as a block now 15 minutes after the game even though he threw it right back in Nurkic's face (If that is not a block, then I do not know what is). Regardless, outstanding performance. I loved his passion too after he missed those two critical free-throws he was very upset and came back to make the game-saving defensive plays.

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