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Giannis Antetokounmpo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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2 hours ago, The Unknown said:

Not really... The last few games, the defenses made it difficult for him to score, it'll be easier for him to rack up 

Bledsoe will take the load off Middleton and Giannis, they didn't have another weapon on offense. Now, they do. I have both guys, so I'm expecting their FG % to increase, and their scoring won't be affected too much (they play different positions). Just my opinion though. 

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Can't believe I've had ticket to see Giannis play the Sixers tonight for months and then of course he isn't playing.  Incredible

MIL office must have read this post of yours and decided, "We will not be fooled anymore!" lol

What you all are "building"? If undisputed TOP5 pick is hard to "build" then something is wrong. Don't "build", but just make a team.

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with Bledsoe coming, it will be easier to score, he will have less assists, but since monroe isn't there anymore, maybe he focuses on rebs stls and blks. i dont mind him getting only 5 ast only only to see him have 2 stls and 2blks back.

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28 minutes ago, jzmagic said:

Worried Bledsoe gonna hog the ball

No way. Giannis is the best player on the Bucks by a LONG shot. The only way they win games is for Giannis to touch the ball all the time

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