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Rodgers/BCooks/Donta Foreman OR Brady/DThomas/CCarson

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Rodgers, Cooks, and Foreman.


if you think Brady will continue what he's doing, then Cooks will be a top 5WR. so it's almost dumb to take the other side because then you're gambling on 2 players (DT and Carson), rather than just one (Foreman). 


ps. I did like what I saw from Foreman as far as his pass catching ability too.

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49 minutes ago, dmb3684 said:

Brady/DT and Rodgers/Cooks is close enough. Carson is a good amount more valuable than Foreman, so that side pretty easily.

This is good rationale. Depends what you think you need. Cooks is a stud, so will outscore DT but Brady is insane. Carson much better than Foreman

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