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Who should my last keeper be?

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I'm in a long running keeper league. I won the league last year and so will pick last in the draft, and I'm having trouble deciding who my last keeper will be.


It's a head to head points league. The exact points are 3 points FGM, -1 FGA, 2 points FTM, -1 FTA, 3 points for a steal or a block, 2 points for an OREB or assist, 1 point for a 3PM or a DREB, and -1 for a TO. There is also 0.2 points per point (1 point for every 5 points scored in a game).


We start a PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, PF/C, UTIL. 


The guys that I'm pretty set on are Giannis, Wall, Myles Turner, Paul George, Dray Green and Nurkic.


I have one spot left and I need to decide between Bledsoe (35.8), Capela (27.4), Wiggins (27.9) or Marquese Chriss (16.5). (2016-17 averages in brackets)


Bledsoe will most probably be the highest scoring player, but the injuries are scaring me. What would you do?


Leave your links and I'll help in return.

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