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Jay Ajayi or Todd Gurley. WHIR 100%

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....that's a close one.....I think I would do it. Gurley has been great and involved in the pass game and the Rams O is clicking right now. Cooper should be better but the potential downgrade to Garçon isn't huge in a PPR. Ajayi has me a little worried. 


Check out out my Ajayi trade:



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It's close but I trust Gurley a lot more then Ajayi. The drop from Cooper to Garcon may sting a little, but looks like Garcon would be your new WR4 so I'd say you're in good shape.

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Just now, BravesBaseball2 said:

Thanks! You like the side i'm getting more or giving up more?


I like what you're getting slightly more, based in part on what you already have. Overall it seems very fair maybe benefits both sides depending on the other guy's roster.

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I’ll be devils advicate, I have Gurley on one team and I am actively trying to trade him. The Dallas matchup upcoming is semi favorable but after that he has a stretch of 6 games in a row against top 10 defenses. Jay does come with a health risk but Coop will get going at some point. 



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