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Punting One Category vs. Having An All Around Team

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Do you guys value punting one category or having an all around team? I'm in a H2H league and I think it's good to have an all around team, but I think it could be better if you're above average in 8 out of 9 categories. Does a team thats stronger in 8 categories beat a team thats good in all 9 categories?


I know not to go into the draft with a plan to punt a category. BUT, I'm in a position to potentially punt assists. If the opportunity arose based off of the available players when it came to be my turn, should I do it? Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

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I've tried having an all around team for 3 seasons now - while also getting pretty lucky on drafts - and although they have been pretty good teams, they seem to miss the it factor. I've gotten to 2 straight conference finals and lost to teams which punted at least one cat. Gonna try punting on three different leagues this season.


If you're somewhat experiencied, punting one or two cats is imo the best way to maximizing your team's potential.

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In H2H, I'm a bit more successful punting a category or two. Personally my reason is mainly because I find it easier worrying about fewer stats especially in streaming players and trades. Also, at least in the leagues I'm in, most people try to have a well-balanced teams making it easier for the teams like mine which are dominant/sure win in several stats.

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In a perfect scenario I would try to be balanced but it isn't always easy. In a snake draft if you start with Westbrook or Harden I'd punt FG, TO and likely blocks so I avoid them. KD, KAT, AD, Kawhi you can punt nothing or punt assists. Jokic, Paul depends on your next pick or 2, James FT likely, Giannis possibly FT or 3's. My favorite and less dangerous punt is punting assists, lose assists, win turnovers and are likely below average in steals but that's it. If you punt any other category it has much more of an impact for example punting FT wins you FG but likely leaves you below average in pts and 3's, punting FG wins you FT but your likely below average in rebounds and blocks etc...


I do love doing a double or triple punt in a auction or in a keeper league but in a snake it can be way to dangerous and you can't guarantee some of the key targets.


Also a punt assist build if you can find this year's Jokic and having a injury to a PG and you grabbing the backup to being a much more balanced team where the other categories cannot be saved by 2 breakout stars like assists can.

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In head to head, I always punt something- usually TOs or one of the percentages. The differences in ranks of players when your punting and the value they have is huge. Someone like Drummond or Jordan is an absolute nightmare if you're trying to build a balanced team, but if you punt FT then they are like 50 spots higher in the rankings and you can get them at a steal in that build. It does take practice and a bit of experience getting the punt concept right though, and you need to know which guys become more valuable in certain builds.




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I'm in the middle of this dilemma with an absurd trade request: Davis Covington for Wall Rose. My team would be:









One between       Rondo-Fox-Smith Jr-Hood-J Johnson- Noel 


Should I punt AST?  Target Klay, Beal, Mccollum, Harris (FA) trading Teague, Rondo, even Lowry and secure those cats:

TO - FT% - 3s - BLK

But the others cats: Reb, DD, FG, Pts, Stl, still up in the air considering the rivals.

I think punting in a small league it's very very difficult.

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First of all, take the trade quickly if you haven't done so yet.  Of course this hurts your assists but I see no reason to punt assists just because you lose Wall.  With Lowry, Ola, Teague, Rondo, and Smith, my guess is that you will still win assists in most of your matches.  This just balances out your team and gives you a nice path to a championship.  No punt is necesary here.

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Maybe I will take it. But I'm not sure about the punt. Many teams has 3/4 guards and production out of positions. 

 The same guy proposed me Mccollum and Green for Wall...great appeal...maybe more than Davis.

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