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Monty + J.Allen for Julio

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My team would be limited on RB. Ill have D.Murray and Mccoy really left. 14T PPR.


The offers are all over the place he needs an RB bad. Maybe able to get 1 for 1. Trying to get Witten from him too.



RB: Mccoy, Murray,  Montgomery, J.Charles, J. Allen

WR: Keenan Allen, Watkins, Maclin, M. Lee, dropped Allen Robinson

TE: Eiffert, B Watson

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I like Monty better than Demarco, especially in PPR.  I would try to offer Murray for Julio.  Not sure it will get accepted, it's a good start.  Just thinking Murray is a big name he might like especially since he is desperate for a RB and Julio hasn't done anything special..yet.  You may end up having to give up more, but you should never  bid high on your first attempt. 

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If I were the Julio owner, I don't make this trade. Wouldn't feel like I'd be getting enough back. Allen might not be the guy to own in Baltimore this week, let alone ROS. I'd try a package centered around Montgomery and Murray first, since you can realistically make arguments for ROS performance for both, and then go from there.



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Ridiculous lol. Who in the world gives up Julio for those two. I like Murray more than Montgomery, but it is absolutely essential that you do what it takes to cuff him with Derrick Henry. Id even add Marqise Lee to your proposal to make it happen - still highway robbery

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