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Should I start Cohen and Adams tonight? WHIR

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1 pt. PPR.  I own Melvin Gordon and Doug Baldwin so I'm trying to decide what to do.  Here's my current setup:


RB: Gordon

RB: Hunt

WR: Baldwin

WR: Adams

Flex: McCaffrey

Bench: Cooks, Cohen


The primary reason I have Cooks on the bench currently is that it gives me options if Gordon and/or Baldwin don't play.  Plus, I think Adams will do well this week.  I might end up changing that but the two injuries have me trying to figure out how to set up a backup plan.  Who should I start?

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1 minute ago, Don'tTakeMyGuy said:

Don't start Cohen. Do you have anyone you can use if Baldwin doesn't go?

That depends on what I do with Cohen and Adams.  As of now, I have Cooks sitting on my bench so I have that option if necessary.  I wouldn't be benching him otherwise but I felt like I needed the option going into Sunday.

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Normally I'd say Cooks and Baldwin, but that'd leave you with no backup plan if Baldwin can't play. So I'd say go with Cooks and Adams. Even if Baldwin lays he won't be 100%, and the other two guys are good enough that you can live with Baldwin sitting out a week.

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