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Kris Dunn 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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9 hours ago, JballFan said:

His value after LaVine comes back? What do u guys think

I don't think Dunn changes too much when he comes back.  He should take a lot of minutes away from Holliday, rendering him useless since he's the starting SG right now, but Dunn is becoming too important to the Bulls for LaVine to really do anything to him.

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Im a basketball fan, so I'm pretending the Knicks and Bulls don't excist. 

? His role will stay the same, which is the starting point guard. The only thing that will change is less shot attempts. 


12 hours ago, XOrad10 said:

Don't forget LaVine was on a minutes limit.  Hopefully they can coexist once Lavine get his full minutes. 

He's going to kill Valentine's value (and probably Holliday to an extent), not Dunn.  Honestly, a lot of Dunn's value is in his Assists, Steals, and decent Rebounds for a PG.  None of that should really change much, even if LaVine handles the ball a bit.

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1 minute ago, hardyharhar said:


doubt he's concussed. i'm guessing he plays saturday too unless his face wasn't the only injured part. it looks like he landed on his wrists pretty hard

yeah i hope its only cut lip tooth and hes GTG one of my favorite young guys

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17 minutes ago, kane said:

Fred Hoiberg said Kris Dunn didn't lose teeth, but he's being evaluated for a concussion now


Thank God he didn't loose any teeth.


He looks tough and he acts tough. He'll be alright. Please play on Saturday please.

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2 hours ago, Panic said:

i just hope hes not concussed.. and plays.. hes fun to watch.


Kris Dunn (mouth) did not have concussion symptoms following his exam on Wednesday night.

He chipped and dislocated two front teeth when he fell with 2:52 left in the fourth quarter in tonight’s game, and he is going to be re-evaluated tomorrow. The scary fall after a dunk should only make him day-to-day for now and the Bulls are off until Saturday. After some dental work, expect an update on Thursday afternoon.

No concussion, but caused him two teeth.

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17 hours ago, hardyharhar said:


I could have sworn he was wearing one

He def was wearing one. He took it out after he smashed his face to I guess check out how his teeth were doing.

Honestly he fell so hard, face first, that it didn't matter that he had the mouth guard. If he didn't have one on, he prob def would've fully lost teeth.

Dude just needed to not hang on.... would've been fine......... 


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