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Jeremy Lin 2017-2018 Season Outlook


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i love levert but just dont think hes gonna get enough PT to make a difference. they still have dangelo, demarre carroll, dinwiddie, whitehead, RHJ, and whitehead to handle PG, SG, and SF. unfortunately, levert wont get enough minutes to make a difference. i ended up picking up rozier and oubre. 

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Thought about dropping but i am playing in a 14 team league and my opponent is playing without Kawhi this week so i am not in a hurry and i will wait. If i were playing in a league with less teams and the score were closer i'd might drop him. But we should get much more info soon so then we can be sure. Knee injuries are always reason to be concerned so i'm afraid it looks like there was some ligament damage and that could mean he's out for a couple of months atleast. But my point is, it depends on your situation whether you want and can wait or not

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I don't know if he saw it so much as felt it.  Sounds weird, but I hope that not only did he feel it, but that he specifically felt pain.  But it looks like maybe he didn't, and it just felt "wrong" instead of hurting really badly.  Because if it was just pain, that can actually be a good sign (in comparison).  If he just felt that something had popped and his leg wasn't really....right?  That's obviously super bad.

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2 hours ago, blob2004 said:

Is there any possibility this could be like a 2-4 week kind of thing? I seriously have to consider dropping him to grab some hot FA before they are all gone.


I think the only way it is a weekly injury is if he tore his meniscus and the only option is the remove it, rather than repair it.  That chance is very, very small though.  I think we are looking at a season-ender here.  I sure hope I'm wrong because I had high hopes for Lin this year.

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