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Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2017-2018

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FYI...there was a post here earlier that claimed to have "confirmed" a serious injury. Searching all of the usual suspects (Twitter, sports news sites, etc.) showed no recent update, so it doesn't app

Nice call, Doc.

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its why we take towns over him or spend a couple more auction dollars. AD might put up flashier lines more often but he is as high risk as they come. you can't help but panic when you see his thread bumped. 

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Don't worry too much guys. Pelicans would give him a Xray even if he just breaks his fingernail - they really baby him like a single parent who has lost 11 straight children in infancy. They xray him if he gets a scratch mark and will MRI him if he gets a bump






Update: he tweaked his knee fighting for position against Harkless




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33 minutes ago, theantishere said:

So it wasn't on the Lillard play?


No, the announcers and video crew thought so initially but they just showed another play where he and Harkless were going for position and AD's knee kind of gave out going sideways.  


Said he was having issues with knee in pre-game.  Honestly looks worse on that play than had he just banged knees.


Hopefully not too serious.  Again, I have Boogie and long term I think having AD there helps him.  Feel for the AD owners but again, hope not too serious.

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3 minutes ago, CORTEz said:

I'm hearing word that AD injured his leg during pre-game warmups, played on it, and ended up banging that same knee on either Lillard's or Harkless's knee.


MRI to come.


Game announcers said something about injuring during warmups.


He banged knees with Lillard but that didnt seem to be the issue.  It sort of buckled on him sideways when jostling with Harkless.  Still hoping its not too bad but banging the knee would have been preferable to a buckle I believe.

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As an AD owner in a few leagues, I knew I would be visiting this thread at least a few times this season.

And with a literal 10 injuries spread throughout my teams, it was only a matter of time that AD would get hurt.


Didn't realize it would be this soon, nor for such an innocuous looking injury though.

I fear the worst, which is a fair practice to follow with AD, and hope for the best (that he can return next game).

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1 minute ago, Trench Mob said:



Given that's AD, it looks like he's out for the rest of the season.


Seriously though, we can't do anything but wait.  It doesn't look awful and he did walk on his own, but it's troubling they ruled him out so quickly.

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If you look, his left hip internally rotates and his ankle pronates, both to take pressure off the knee...that saves the MCL, but the meniscus is a little worrisome.  Luckily he wasn’t on one foot during the hot, and it was slow velocity so no terrible triad. Meniscus is not safe though

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4 minutes ago, brosephd said:

i swear this is why women live longer than men. because the majority of fantasy players are men who stress daily/weekly that play mainly fantasy basketball and football. 


Huh.  I thought that statistic was skewed because the military consists predominately of men and who are killed in the line of duty.  I'm sure you're right either way though.  Worth it.


2 minutes ago, Trench Mob said:




Thank you for this.  Then again, I'm expecting not to have AD for the next few games.  Would love him back next game, but still.  :/

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