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Joe Ingles 2017-18 Season Outlook

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only the Aussies here will get it, but trash talking Terrance Ferguson , calling himself the "Real King of Adelaide " is some of the funniest smack talk an NBA court has heard

No.    Hood - always injured Rubio - a pass first pg who replaced a shoot first in Hill Hayward - gone JJ - is another year older with a reduced role Mitch - is a rookie.

There's a couple of other players in the league who start games with 0/0/0 as well, I noticed.

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Picked him up off the wire but left him on the bench in favor of Hood.  Only watched a little bit of the game.  20 minutes is down from his usual low 30s.


I know he's struggled with his shot and scoring lately.  But the assists, 3s, boards, and steals still seem to offer decent value most nights.  


Just a bad night or more to this?

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I've never seen a SHOOTING guard pass up so many goddamn wide open shots and layups to feed other players. Who's he think he is, Rondo? It's extremely infuriating as he does this every single Jazz game I watch and I know his stat line could be so much better if he just took the damn shot. It's beyond me as to why the coach doesn't spot this on film and tells him to start shooting more. 

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Just one or two steals and his line last night would have been perfectly acceptable. As long as the minutes are there, I’m holding and Snyder loves him and can often be seen communicating with him as the leader on the floor.

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