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Dewayne Dedmon Season Outlook 2017-2018


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6 minutes ago, DropkickAlex said:

Why isn't 3-6 weeks not good enough? Wall is listed as O and he's only gone for 2 weeks.

The Customer Care rep obviously does not know what they are talking about. I would have accepted an "I'm not sure" instead of a reply that is totally wrong.

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The call is unambiguous, he’s out. This is my least favorite injury (Seth, Jrue a couple years back, David Dahl last summer). You can’t tell when you’re healthy enough to test the bones and see if they’re healthy — like having to find your glasses so you can look for your glasses. You may need to make adjustments on form to avoid further injury. MRIs can’t detect the weakness in the bones — only the fractures that playing on them before it’s time can lead to. “3-6 weeks” might as well be months or days. (See Jrue, Seth, Dave...) 


ESPN Fantasy staff are understandably busy with football (and with their own Fan Dual lineups) to get around to clicking that little “O” next to this guy. Eventually they will update Dewayne, or his status will realign with their designation when he’s back on the court.


I got Conley in my lone IR & Collins to pick up some of the slack (its a 2x2 league so should be offset even more). Dropping stat.

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