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Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

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He fits perfectly on my punt FG, FT, points, rebounds, assist and TO team.

I hope it's not serious as he clearly already has depth perception issues.

11 points, 3 three's and 2 steals and it's now the 4th quarter....      

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Stop being stupid and dropping a guy like j rich. Yea I know it sucks his performances are sucking but im sure it'll be sooner rather than later for when his shots start falling. In till then he's riding the bench firmly for me.

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1 hour ago, Ganandorf said:

Stop being stupid and dropping a guy like j rich. 

Based on that, absolutely no one should ever be dropped.  No hot young talents now getting playing time will be picked up since of course you'll ride all those choices you made on draft day. /s


Seriously, can we put an end to the never drop <fill in the name here> theory that passes for being smart around here?   The last guy on your bench can always be dropped for someone with upside.  You may make the wrong choice doing so, but IMO it's never a mistake to take a chance on players.  Not like JRich has been a perennial all-star just getting back to form.


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12 minutes ago, Dylanfan66 said:

This guy is awful in a points league.  I tried to hold on to him but yikes he is useless in that kind of league.

Yea, I dropped him as well.  In points leagues and real basketball he's not having a good year.  In systems that arbitrarily overvalue blocks and steals, he's mediocre.

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He fits my punt TO/FG% build so I'm being patient.


I may even have to start him tonight.  Blocks and FG% are the 2 closest categories in my matchup and my other options at SG all have FG% issues of their own and don't offer any blocks.  Just hoping he can get a couple of blocks and find the basket tonight.  Or at least not take more than a handful of shots if he cant break out of his slump.


Overall though, I'm not too worried YET.  I think some of the off season- and now reg season- hype has people thinking he is some fantasy superstar that you could draft late.  But there's a reason he was still available.  


He gives you stocks, which are more valuable b/c of the out of position blocks.  And some 3s and position flexibility.  The negatives are not surprises and should have been incorporated into your team build when selecting him.


That said, it would be nice if he could better than 20% from the field, which he has failed to do in 3 of his last 4 games.   

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This guy is just not good for fantasy.  He is not aggressive on the court and just camps out at the 3pt line most of the time on offense.  The defensive stats are nice but he really doesnt get enough useage.   Unless Waiters or Dragic go down I dont think he will be very good this year for fantasy purposes.    I hope I'm wrong.  Had him last year and thought this could be the year for him.

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