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Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

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He fits perfectly on my punt FG, FT, points, rebounds, assist and TO team.

I hope it's not serious as he clearly already has depth perception issues.

11 points, 3 three's and 2 steals and it's now the 4th quarter....      

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Fantasy owners are delusional. This man has been a bonafide scrub all season long. I'm in a competitive 10 team league and he has been on waivers for the last 3 weeks. I guarantee that for most of you, if you were to drop him, nobody would waste a waiver claim on him. f he can string together at least 2 consecutive solid games, only then should he be considered as a pick up 

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4 hours ago, pdids911 said:

probably will drop to get extra games - he plays the best defensive team in the league, on wednesday, boston.


I did just that, pretty confident nobody will scoop him up anyway so will be able to get him again later. If they do, oh well only a matter of time till they drop again lol.

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59 minutes ago, Letitbe793 said:

The hype with this guy so odd. He is very inconsistent and basically a significantly worse version of Bazemore 



The hype is only because the past two fantasy playoffs he has gone off and won a lot of people money. All of last year he was terrible, until the end when he was amazing. 

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