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Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

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He fits perfectly on my punt FG, FT, points, rebounds, assist and TO team.

I hope it's not serious as he clearly already has depth perception issues.

11 points, 3 three's and 2 steals and it's now the 4th quarter....      

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"Hi I'm Josh Richardson, and during the times I'm not shooting bricks and turning over the ball, I like to contribute next to nothing in the statsheet while tempting owners with this mythical upside that is predicated basically on my fairly heavy allotment of production-less minutes and Rotoworld looking at a magnifying glass at the numbers from my final six games of last season."  


With that out of the way, honestly, I'd be more than happy if he NEVER touches the ball on offense.  Could you imagine him getting maybe 4 defensive boards, and 3-4 stocks on defense, going 0/0 with 0 turnovers? (those zeroes are ones I'd actually LIKE to see in his statline).  I could accept him not giving treys if he would stop hurting me with the efficiency.  


Anyway, I might be a masochist, but I'm STILL holding in 3 leagues (two 12-teamers, one 10-teamer).  While I'm probably going to see a bunch of 0-5 shooting, 2-3 TOs lines, at least he plays 4 times this week and I can dump him afterwards.  Enjoy life, those who have dropped.  You are free.

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Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, I don't know. I hated this guy last year and fought everyone in his thread saying he sucks and is overrated, then the final 1 - 2 months came along and they all shoved it in my face. 


I also let go of Donovan Mitchell 5 games into the season and we all saw how that turned out.. of course Richardson has had a lot more games since then and done jack s--- but I guess I'm in it for the long-haul at this point for the (hopeful) turnaround.


I don't want to be the guy who drops him, he gets waivered, and then finally figures things out for the next few months and goes on to average 12 / 3 / 3 / 1+ / 1+ and 2 3's type lines.. his preseason was really indicative of his potential (but the defense is lax). Spoelstra is pushing him to be aggressive and gain confidence by hitting some inside shots first and then extending outward, his playing time as of late has also dwindled with Ellington heating up, so maybe he takes a message that he's not just going to get 35 minutes every game if he's not performing offensively and it lights a fire under his a**.


Either way, I'm holding through thick or thin (unfortunately). 


My team is in a good enough position where I can take the BAD with the good (ugh)..


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23 minutes ago, Born_Slippy said:

I blame Dion Waiters! 


For all his sporadic athletic gifts, he's  a younger worse shooting version of JR Smith (who woulda thunk it). 


He's a double edged sword type player. You get a highlight reel play once a game, and receive 15 of the worst most ill-advised out of rhythm shots. His hot streaks are coupled with far longer cold streaks, and he takes your entire offense out of it when he's in a funk.


Josh RIchardson misses a lot of 3's, but in preseason he got to play point guard and handle the ball and it helped his confidence, that's not the case with Waiters around (it's hurting guys like James Johnson too who's a far better playmaker and producer more vital to the team's overall success). 


Their team has pieces - guys who can handle and shoot and distribute (the Johnsons, Olynyks, etc.), but they're forced to watch this bum half the time.


He really should be a 20 mpg sixth man, and somehow he's been thrust into a role of a 1A-1B scorer (which he's a far cry from). This guy has a PER of 10 - horrible for a guy playing 31 minutes and receiving a 26.6 USG, a win share of -0.1, an eFG% of 46.7 (by contrast Dragic has an eFG% of 53.9 and a PER of 18 - which is pretty good, but just a notch or two below an allstar level talent). 




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Finally dropped this bum. Can't believe I missed out on guys like Donovan Mitchell for this waste of a roster spot.


This is one of those classic 'Rotoworld believes in him, we should too' instances. We all fell for the 'potential' based on a short burst last season (seriously, guys, it was just a 6-game stretch where he was good), and the Rotoworld blurbs continuously harping about 'early round upside'.


The last 1 month of data this season proves that he's a bum. He's ranked outside the Top-250 in the last month, despite getting 32 MPG. That puts him dead last among ALL players in the who had 30+ MPG during that span. That's an achievement. Unless you're in a deep 16-teamer, this guy belongs on waivers.

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3 hours ago, Born_Slippy said:

I blame Dion Waiters! 

Seconded. Ball hog who can’t ball for ****. “How can I make my teammates worse?”


Maybe I’ll take another flyer if neon dion goes down or gets dealt. Once bitten, twice high.

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