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Kelly Oubre Jr. 2017-2018 outlook

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13 hours ago, mcflywalker said:


First one looked like a clear punch into the pile from the video I saw. The second looked like he threw his arm in to either grab Klay or someone else. That’s when Klay winced and turned to look at him.


If he gets in trouble the first one we'll be what get's him IMO. There is an overhead video that is the most damning that he sort through a punch into the pile.


The 2nd one I don't think amounts to anything.  But we'll see on a suspension.  I honestly will not be surprised either way.


1 hour ago, Dupontpt said:

Will get 25m but will end up with 30m since hes does what markieff does but way better.


I agree on the minutes but Oubre and Morris have very different games.  Morris has a mid post game and gives them another option early in the shot clock.  Oubre is more of a space the floor player on offense with some slashing ability.  But he's really a catch and shoot guy at this point.


Defensively Oubre brings so much more to the table though.  He can guard 4 positions and is actually the team's 2nd best rim protector behind Mahinmi.


There will be some nights where he doesnt give you much but I like Oubre's ROS value for steals, blocks, and 3s. 

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I think the second one was him just grabbing Klay to hold him back.


He should be a decent enough guy to have as a UTIL or solid depth on the bench even if he goes to the bench for the Wizards eventually, especially if you need the defensive stats, which I'm sure enough people do.

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54 minutes ago, DoctorLove said:

What type of suspension is he looking at?  How many games does something like this cost?


There is speculation all over the place.  Some website predicted 3 games.


I would guess 1 game at most and after looking at the video from another angle I'm going to say zero games.  


There is a video in this link that shows Oubre is trying to free his arm from Durant, who is grabbing him from behind.  Its really just a swim move but looks like a punch from certain angles.  The video I'm talking about is actually the top comment in the "discussion" section.  I'd embed it but am tech challenged.




I have no idea what the league office will do but I would bet on no suspension and if there is one, no more than one game.

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Oubre is one of those less hyped players on rotoworld, that has been putting up ridiculous value (43rd) similar to guys like Joe Ingles (27th) and Al-Farouq Aminu (21st).

Heck..he's owned in only 47% of Yahoo leagues, less than guys like Buddy Hield, D-Wade, Kuzma, Saric, Prince, Monroe, Tristan Thompson, etc. 

We praise certain players without taking TOs and %s into account. Oubre has all the tools and is part of a great offense. 

Stocks have been nice and the opportunity is there. Best of all, he's doesn't mess up your fg%s or TOs. 

We can discuss about Oubre's output with Markieff coming back, but at least be rational and pick him up before the guys mentioned above. 


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Are his stocks somewhat sustainable?  Based on his career averages, he'd have to be taking a leap in his 3rd  year, but he's getting a ton of run so it's feasible these defensive stats stick.  I'd rather have someone else if the steals and blocks aren't there... trying to figure out if you are expecting this output going forward.

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3 hours ago, VaTerp said:

Complete dud tonight. 


Picked up 2 more fouls contesting shots he had no chance to block.  


Two duds in a row actually since a big reason we have him is for his defense, and that hasn't been there the last two games.


Also pretty disappointing considering he should have gotten huge minutes tonight without Porter, but obviously that didn't happen since he couldn't stop fouling.  They blew out the Kings the game before, which can partially be used as an excuse for his previous game, but it sounds and looks like he was a mess tonight.

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I thought Wall blocked James twice but he was only credited with 1.  Oubre was there too so maybe it was his.


I have both so I don't care who gets it but its ridiculous how many clear blocks I've seen this year not get counted.


Oubre is having a quality line tonight with 4 threes, 18 pts, 5 boards, and a steal.  Should also have at least 1 block and maybe 2.

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57 minutes ago, KilloWertz said:

I'm holding as well.  I didn't play him tonight because of basically everybody playing, but it was nice to see that him going to the bench seems to be meaningless.

Kieff only played 15 minutes so I wouldn't say meaningless.  Gotta wait and see what happens when the minutes increase.

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