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4th pick H2H, Please help me out :)

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Hi all, 


I am new to Fantasy basketball and I wanted your opinion on who to draft and what kind of players I can pair my first round pick. I am playing 9-Cat (FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK and TO) Yahoo H2H with 14 teams and the following team settings: 


PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, Util, BN, BN, BN and IL 


I currently have the 4th pick in the draft. Who should I pick first - I think I will be left with either Steph, Harden/Westbrook or KAT. Who would you pick and why? Also what build would you go with each of the mentioned players. Finally Who would you pair them in the second round? 





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Kat > Harden > steph > Ad/Kawhi.


You can pair anyone with these guys. I'd prefer another big, like a miles turner or porzingis or gobert. If you end up drafting Ad or Kat, you can also opt for a pg like lillard or irving. 


I like to build a solid team across all stats. With the players above, you should have a solid foundation moving forward. 

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In your first year of fantasy I would just try to go all-around.

You can't really go wrong with the guys mentioned above.. the top 7-8 guys are all really strong. I'd say maybe try to cover as many positions as possible with your first 2 players. Like if you get Giannis, who is PG, SG, SF, PF eligible, and someone like Turner or Porzingis in the second to get your C. At the same time, try to cover as many categories as possible. Westbrook will get you great rebounds for a guard, but beware his FG and turnovers.

Harden should still have PG, SG, which is nice to have a multi-cat guard with elite FT (even with the rule change).

You'll figure out the nuances like how thin PF/Cs get after the early rounds, like how guards are deep, like how you've maybe drafted too many SFs.. 

Like how there's no way to save Drummond's FT, and later down the road you'll get the feeling on how to effectively punt categories.

I suggest listening to podcasts, following rotoworld, and read a lot of these forums.

Rotoworld, basketballmonster, hashtagbasketball, fb-ninja, razzball, and even reddit /r/fantasybball has decent discussion. 

Welcome to h2h fantasy basketball, injuries are a b.tch


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You are getting great advice from tongs and DrK.  Basketball Monster likes Durant, Giannis, AD, and Towns as the first 4 in a 9-cat league and I don't disagree.  Your first few picks need to be healthy and reliable.  It's also important to build off of the strengths of your other picks, but make sure that you cover all cats so that you stay competitive.  In your first year, avoid punting any cats (TO would be the exception) because it is a complicated process to do it right.  If you get one of the top big men like AD or Towns, I suggest you go for a PG in the next round.  I don't play in 9-cat leagues because I am not a believer in negative cats. (TO)  But when I did, I ignored TO and I found that I lost that cat most weeks, but the high volume guys who usually give you high TO help you the most in the other cats.  Pay attention to the pre-season games to see who is playing well.  If you are an NBA fan, you will see who is playing well.  Like Tongs said, use the fantasy basketball sites that he mentioned and get some good ideas on who to reach for (pick higher than their projected ranking), and who may be a bust.  You are smart to ask for help and prepare.  You will have this team for 6 months so you want it to be fun.  Good luck.

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Yeah everyone is giving solid advice. In your first year, I agree wit trying to build an all around team. Punting teams are good, but you need to do a lot or research and have a solid game plan of every situation in your draft. With that said, you can't go wrong in the top 8. They are easy to build around, so whoever u grab in the first, complement then in the second, but make sure to get a good big within the first three rounds because the dropoff is so bad in the mid rounds. Hope this helps!

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Thank you all for your time. So why is Steph not considered a top player in H2H, is it because guard stats are easier to get later on? He is ranked top 4 in most websites I have visited! Can someone explain?


Also Who would complement KAT and Steph respectively. What about a Steph + Myles Turner combo or a KAT + Conley? Which one would you lean towards? 

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First thing, have fun. If you aren't having fun, stop, reset, and then come back to researching. Also, understand you can't learn everything and you need this year of experience to learn what you don't know. I am jealous of you being new to the game. It is a ton of fun first starting out and learning all the things you don't know. 

Second, try and simplify things when you are in your draft so you don't make panic picks and use all of the clock to then just hurry and pick someone before time runs out. 

Third, there is a massive difference between 8 cat and 9 cat and H2H vs. Roto. There are some super smart people in these forums, but you need to understand some of their advice is geared towards very specific and somewhat advanced strategies. Try to filter posts and information and apply what you feel comfortable with.


I play 8 cat so don't listen too much to me. I wouldn't worry about TO's this year with your draft because you will probably overcompensate for that cat and leave yourself short in other cats. One of KD/Greek/AD/KAT/Curry would probably be the way I would roll as a base. I included Curry because I think his strengths are easier to build around for beginners. Your next pick is #25. As nice as it is to think you will get Porzingis or Turner, the chances are those guys will be long gone. Don't get locked in on a player or you will be disappointed and scrambling to make a pick when you get sniped. I would rank the top 25 players in order so when you are on the clock the work has already been done. I would probably rank those players as a preference for each of the top 4 players you have ranked so once you make your first pick your second pick ranking will already be done. You come back with your third pick 7 picks later so I would have a pretty good idea of my top 32 rank. 

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Thanks for the help on mine!


Wow a lot of great advice above me. I don't wanna be redundant, So I'll keep the player specific part short: I like going Steph + Myles for a pretty great all around start. Then go another Guard-big combo in rounds 3-4, perhaps Blake/Marc Gasol and  rubio who I think Will have a great year. Avoid embiid, Let someone else have the headache since it's your first year.


Other than that, You're off to a great start just by finding this forum. Some of the members in Here blow me away with their input and I'll often trust them more than a lot of paid experts out there. 


Face the fact that you will make mistakes. It's a part of the thrill, just have to learn and move on. Even the most experienced GM could Make the wrong drop / Hold on to a player for way too long. 

Best of luck to you and welcome to this insane world 


p.s check out Puzz Betersons Threads under general discussion, great stuff. His statistics could help you in deciding between player A and B in your draft.

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Welcome to the love/hate world of fantasy! Definitely in your first year, just try go all around and build a balanced team! 

Bigs: Generally low on TO, good for rebounds, FG, and blocks. Elite ones are good at points and can hit 3's ft. (AD, boogie)

Wings: Usually your 3 and D players, so good with stocks (steals, 3s), but elite ones can do it all (KD, bron etc)

PG: your main assisters, 3s, steals, and pts with good FT and most TO. fantasy loves PG and they are usually great and alot of em.


This year, Alot of the elite bigs are early on and they kinda disappear after the 50/60 range. PG are kinda available towards all around, but not as a huge drop off as bigs. Wings are generally abundant in the middle/later rounds other than the elites like KD.


With your 4th pick,  curry KAT harden and WB are all great! Id personally rank them curry, WB, harden, then KAT.


Good luck and feel free to ask questions! Welcome 

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my top 4

kd, giannis, curry, AD/towns


i like AD more because of his steals and blks but he does have inj risk... towns has alot of other superstars on his team so i dont know how fast he will mesh and if he will put up same numbers as last year


build up that fg% with high volume scores with elite fg% early and pay attention to your t/o and then it gives you some flexibility in the mid/late rds to get guys that have low fg%/pts but can help you in other areas like steals, threes, and blks


i am a fan of punting assists and almost all players with high assists have high t/o so if you are using picks to strength your assist you are most likely getting high t/o and most likely lower pt totals (cp3, rubio for the elite assist and lows t/o)




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Top 4: KD/Giannis/Curry/KAT


After that it's really hard to give advice since so much can happen. If Gobert dropped I'd take him without a doubt since people can sleep on him due to him not being a flashy name. Otherwise, I suggest just try and create a balanced team like others mentioned. KD is a great pairing with anyone in the league as is Giannis so you can't go wrong with them at all. With a guy like Curry I'd try and target Rudy or Whiteside in round 2 just to help you get a huge boost across a ton of categories. If none are there with him you might have to make a jump on Turner. I wouldn't pair him with like Irving or Lillard. 

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Welcome to fantasy!

Honestly, while I respect some of the posters here (as they're vets), I don't think some people have read your league settings very carefully (or my mocks/actual drafts have been overreaching), especially considering some of the responses for their advice on your second rounder.  


In a 14-teamer, you've got the #25 pick for your second rounder.

You're NOT getting Gobert (ranked #15), Kyrie (#13), Lillard (ranked #18).  Porzingis (#21) and Turner (#26) are possible, but IMO, I've seen them go much earlier due to the amount of upside they have.  Keep in mind the first two rounds have little fluctuation or variegation (e.g. those guys don't suddenly drop 5-6 spots unless they're injured or your league is stupid).


Realistically, @dekciw_1's advice with KAT+Conley or Steph+Turner would be ideal, and yeah, I'd agree with him that the latter is fantasy gold, giving you a very strong pairing to start with elite %s, treys, stocks, while you'd simply need to find the counting stats (assists/boards/pts) to supplement them.  @kev777zero's giving you an alternate method of strategy, which is punting.  I wouldn't recommend it THAT early, but if you find yourself with a pairing of Giannis+Blake or Harden+Lowry (which could happen with your #4 pick), you might want to consider a punt FT or punt TO strat, respectively, and go from there.  However, my personal view is to try to supplement or shore up your first two picks' weaknesses.  (I say this while I'm looking at your #4 pick and thinking I'd do a KAT+CJM/Klay assist punt if I were you, lol).  :P


As far as early round draft strat, I like to play safely, and for value. 

That's why I'm recommending you avoid AD unless he falls.  Take it from me--I've owned AD twice.  He's won me two championships and I've actually drafted him this year (at #7 though).  However, I've never owned him when he's gotten into serious injury (got REALLY lucky with his injuries; last year he was healthy and four years ago he was super cheap and only got hurt after the fantasy playoffs) and I've heard from so, so many angry AD owners who've lost their #1 pick for the season, or who get headaches because he goes to the locker room basically every game.  You don't want a high first rounder to be out of commission during your fantasy playoffs (well, at all during the season, hah).  That's actually the same reason I'm telling you to push KD a bit lower on your draft radar.  Sure, I'll take him at #4-5 if he's the best pick available, but that's if my guys are gone.  KD's missed a fair share of games in the last three years.


Here's my ranked picks for you:


1.) KAT: hasn't missed a game yet, excellent %s for a big man, helps in nearly all cats (including treys).

2.) Giannis: helps in all cats.  Multi-position eligibility, helps in all cats except treys.  FT% looks to be improving.

3.) Harden:  I personally go Harden > Westy; I'll trade about 2 boards and 2 points a game for about 1 assist, 0.5 treys, and about 15 FG%.  CP3's arrival helps Harden much, much more than PG/Melo helps Westy.  Harden also has multi-position eligibility and could even get his SF eligibility back with CP3 taking some PG duties.  However, they're so close in value here.

4.) Westy: See above.

5.) Steph: Over KD?  Yeah.  Both are fairly similar; would you rather have FG%, boards, blks and TOs, or assists, stls and treys?  Most would chose the former, but Curry's been surprisingly durable over the last 3 years.  KD hasn't.  That's my argument.  I could see the reasoning behind taking KD #1 (or at least over Curry), but it's preference for me.


You can't really go wrong with those 5.  KD would be my 6th and I wouldn't be screaming if you took him at #4 (given lots of people love him at #1).  As a new player, don't worry about TOs too much, though Westy/Harden/Steph are hard to compensate for (the former sort of guarantee you're tanking that cat).  In the second round, just go for value.  I would take Turner at #25 no matter who you picked for your first pick, but it's just a matter of who falls to you.  Hope this helps and feel free to respond with questions or comments.

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being anywhere in top1-8 is good for me imo, the top 8 are really good right now and you almost cant go wrong with them (except injuries). my personal top 8 (in order) would be:











(so nice to have top 7 pick this season... you have potential top 3 player without having to need a top 3 pick. i had a harder time as 13th pick)


I would personally target KAT, Harden, Curry, AD in this order as top 4 (normally i would want AD after KAT but just worried about injury concerns. AD is a monster which can potentially reach top status if not for injuries).


the real important part is who you draft for 2nd and 3rd pick which will supplement the strengths and weaknesses of your first pick. ideally, i like guard-bigman combos as my first two:


AD or KAT and conley, lowry, mccollum as 2nd pick then beal, klay or draymond as 3rd pick

Curry or Harden with Turner, Porzingis, Millsap, M. Gasol


simply put, you cant go wrong with a top 4 pick. the important pick is the 2nd and 3rd pick, and my strategy is to get a player that complements your first rounder (cements the elite stats of your first pick while also covering the holes of your first pick)


good luck and have fun

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Hi, thanks for your help.


I'll probably go KAT>Curry>Westbrook>Harden on this one. As for the second round, I'll probably go big regardless (lesson learned) and target the likes of Porzingis or Turner. From there you can just focus on getting point guards then forwards at the end of the draft

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