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Nikola Mirotic 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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4 minutes ago, Zippi said:

He was getting minutes... He was a headache because he was as inconsistent as it gets. I would be surprised if that has changed. 

no we wasn't getting many minuites... there were stretches he was playing less than 20 mins and then streches he got more than 30. He had veterans ahead of him. He is now the veteran. Just check his average mins last 3 seasons , 20 , 24, 24. The stretches he played heavy mins , he produced. Maybe with a dud here and there but w/e

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42 minutes ago, skyjogger13 said:

man this dude is str8 up balling 5-0 ever since he came back imma hold him until wheels fall off which may not even happen (late round value)


This is Mirotic we're talking about.  The wheels are absolutely going to fall off at some point but like you said, may as well ride it out until he implodes. 



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If he keeps getting heavy mins he could be up for a k.love season back in the day. And yes him and lavine are the 2 best players on the team by far, then rolo and then markkanen. Markkanen could never dream of carrying a game the way Miro can

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