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(3 Sports, ESPN, Proboards) Starting 3 Sport Dynasty Contract League

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I'm starting a 3 Sport Dynasty Contract League. Basketball, football, and baseball. We are starting with basketball. League is full and we have 9 great owners. 1 owner left us. We are in the middle of Free Agency in basketball currently. No one has more than 3 or 4 guys currently and there's a lot of good players left to bid on. Free Agency is currently frozen until we find a new owner. Once again, we have not started yet. Still filling rosters. U still have a chance to build from the ground up. Please visit the link I've provided and read the League Constitution. We work off a Proboards page, and the leagues are run on ESPN. We also use a Groupme app to communicate with each other. The quicker u respond the better. Fill out an application on Proboards and I will respond promptly. Thanks.



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Oakland is the team that needs an owner. They have PG Jeff Teague for 3 contracts and SF/PF Aaron Gordon for 2 contracts so far. 12 spots total on roster and a cap of 36. Lots of room to work with. Some good players have already been picked up, but all players not currently in Completed Bids will be available for u to bid on as soon as the team has a new owner. Lot of good players to bid on, lots of cap space, and lots of potential for this team. Free Agency is frozen right now.

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