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Just drafted. Please rate my team. WHIR

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H2H Standard 10 team 8 Cat. Had the 3rd pick. I think im punting rebounds? I feel like I got some good value but missed on a few guys i really wanted. Any advice would be helpful.


3) Steph Curry

18) Kristaps Porzingis

23) Myles Turner

38) Brook Lopez

43) Dennis Schroeder 

58) Ricky Rubio

63) Victor Oladipo

78) Gary Harris

83) Jeremy Lin

98) Thad Young

103) Willey Caulie-Stein 

118) Seth Curry

123) Taurean Prince


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Your team could definitely use more points and thats what Hood offers. But Prince will lock up your defensive stats.


With that said I would rather have Hood over Thad. Thads only real value comes from steals which were completely flukey last season. And hes the worst FT shooter on your team. Albeit not a volume FT shooter but that could change this year and not for the better. 

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I think you will probably have to end up punting rebounds and maybe points depending on the jump Turner takes this year.


We just completed our draft tonight and here is my team in a 12 cat keeper (9cat plus OReb, dd, & td):


Russell Westbrook

Gary Harris

Jae Crowder

Nikola Jokic

Andre Drummond

Goran Dragic

Ben Simmons

Willie Cauley-Stein

Reggie Jackson

Myles Turner

Kent Bazemore

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

John Collins

Danny Green

Nikola Mirotic


How do you think I did? What areas do you think I'm weak and how would you improve my squad? 

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