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Deandre Jordan 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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5 hours ago, manolo_ said:

What I would love to see is DJA at HOU playing with CP3 again ( and Harden). Is there any scenario where the salaries match that this could happen ? :ph34r:

Why would HOU do that ?! They have Capela, already better than DJ will ever BE !

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Yeah, but Griffin gets hurt after 3 or 4 breakfasts so w/e.

Looks at stat line:  

No, I didn't play at standard league this season. It was deep league and 20 teams, every team only once my opponent. I answer, how it is possible: because it is H2H and anything can happen: 1) Jo

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Would you guys say he's a sell-high candidate while Griffin's out? With Griffin, he was underperforming and losing usage (although not every night). And in the event he gets traded to the Cavs, his usage would still be low with so many high usage players in that team.

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He's never been some elite shot blocker, his blks has always trended down as of many other bigs (whiteside) every season this is no different. His FT's progression is what's impressive and I can never complain about these kind of lines considering I traded Glassinari for him on draft day. 

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Clippers curse is so real...was it the Kardashian curse because of Blake? Or is it the Sterling curse?


Only silver lining is he didn't immediately go to the locker room? Sat on the bench for a minute, talked to a couple trainers then eventually headed back. Could have been adrenaline but yeah did not look good. Really hoping it's not serious so the Clips can keep their false illusion of making the playoffs..

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1 hour ago, hardyharhar said:

Crazy how ankle rolls like that don't happen more often


What's extremely messed up is that after both Milos and Blake threw him an alley oop (commentator said Milos can throw it anywhere and knows DJ will come down with it) thought to myself that DJ is gonna roll his ankle bad at some point this season. 


Here's hoping to less wreckless alley oop passes and plays like DJ got hurt in general...

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