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Owner's needed for Competitive 12T H2H 9Cat $100 Buy in

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In search of owners for a competitive 12T H2H 9Cat ESPN league with a $100 buy in.  Draft is scheduled for monday 10/16 at 9pm est


This is the 9th year of the league, and we have crafted some really cool rules to improve competitiveness and make sure all owners have something to play for all season long.  For instance - we award $50 to whoever is the top team in each of the categories for the regular season (who would be #1 in that cat if it were a roto league).  We also have a modified keeper rule where each team keeps 2 players from the previous year - but only players drafted in the 7th round or later are eligible to be kept (and only for one season) so finding guys who will make a major leap within 2 years later in the draft can pay off nicely.  Please see league details below. Feel free to contact me at Bryan.Langbord@gmail.com with any questions or to express interest. Here's the link to the league home page http://games.espn.com/fba/leagueoffice?leagueId=19850



High Rollers is a 12 team, head to head, 9 category league with weekly matchups. Lineups can be changed daily, and each team is allowed up to 7 transactions (add/drops) per week. 14 man rosters, with 10 starting slots (PG,SG,G,SF,PF,F,C,UTL,UTL,UTL).  Each team has 1 IR spot.

Listed below are other league rules: 

Draft Date: Monday, October 16th, 9pm est
Entry Fees: $100 per team 
1st place $400 
2nd pace $200 
3rd place $100 

Regular Season 
Best Record $100

Individual Category Winners 
$50 awarded to the owners who are the top ranked in each category throughout the regular season (FG% FT% 3PM REB AST STL BLK PTS). There is no prize money awarded for accumulating the fewest turnovers, however. 

Total Payout = $1200 

Keepers/ Keeper-draft pick trading 
Before the draft, every team must select 2 keepers, originally drafted in the 7th round or beyond, or picked up as an FA during the season. Any FA must have been originally drafted in the 7th round or later of last year's draft to be keeper eligible. Players are keeper eligible for the following year only, so no player who was kept last year can be used by any owner as a keeper the following year. Keepers in this league are about finding sleepers in the later rounds. 

In the offseason, draft picks are eligible to be traded for potential keepers. This means if you have more than 2 quality keeper candidates, you can make a trade to potentially pick up extra draft picks. Likewise if your keepers are sub par, you may be willing to part with a draft pick in order to sure up your keepers. Keepers are eligible to be traded up to 1 hour before draft time. Please email me directly if you need further clarification on this rule. 

Trade Veto 
League Commissioner has sole trade veto power. If you have an appropriate reason why a trade should be investigated for possible veto, please email the commissioner privately to express your concerns. Just because a trade is potentially one sided is not grounds for veto. There must be legitimate evidence of foul play, intention to create an uneven playing field, or conduct detrimental to the league.  (this is up for debate this year, possibility of doing a majority owner vote for veto)

Draft Order 
Each year's draft order is based on the previous year's results. Draft picks 1-6 are distributed based on previous years’ consolation bracket outcome (bottom 6 teams who missed the playoffs). 1st pick for 1st place, 2nd pick for 2nd place, 3rd pick for 3rd place, and so on. This provides end of season incentive to win our consolation tournament. Picks 6-12 are distributed as follows: 
7 –Winner of 5th place game 
8 - Loser of 5th place game 
9 – Loser of 3rd place game 
10 – Winner of 3rd place game 
11 – 2nd place finisher 
12 – League Champion

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