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Settle an Argument - Gostkowski for Tucker + Arizona DST WHIR 100%

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League mate of mine has the Denver DST on a bye this week and doesn't wanna drop them. He said to offer up DSTs if you have them, there's not much on the ww for DSTs/Ks so I threw out an offer of Tucker + Arizona DST for Gostkowski and got immediately shut down. 


So figured I'd make a thread to check valuation, because I felt like my offer was more than fair. Honestly I usually stream both K and DST so I felt like this was overpayment if anything. But maybe I'm the one with off valuations of those positions. 


So please help settle an argument. If you had the Denver DST on bye (and didn't wanna drop them) - in a vacuum, would you rather have:


- Gostkowski 


- Tucker, Arizona DST

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Its not a bad offer at all. Tucker is in an offense that can’t seem to get in position for him to attempt a FG . I’m assuming he is looking more at the future though and doesn’t like Tucker going forward. Since it’s only for 1 week, I’d go with Gostkowski. 

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