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Malcolm Brogdon 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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"Yes." -- I.T, Dragic, Bledsoe

I run 3 nba fantasy leagues this year, and tbh I don't own Bledsoe in any one of them. Well, don't own Brogdon in any one of them too. not even planning on getting them since I kinda dislike both of t

lol brogdon is good but he's no bledsoe ..... fantasy heads can be hilarious sometimes, they think the game is just a box score. 

Played 34 minutes, Bledsoe only played 29 but even if Bledsoe's minutes get upped to around ~35 like Giannis and Middleton, Brogdon is still likely playing at least 30 mpg.


I don't think minutes are going to be a huge issue, but he might lose the assists, which puts him back down to the value where he was drafted at around ~100, as opposed to the top 50 player he's been.

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Brogdon is what he is. He’s a solid NBA player and did a great job of taking advantage and making most of his time as the starting PG for the Bucks. However, the difference between Brogdon and Bledsoe is night and day and if you can’t see that you are in denial. It’s like a Porsche vs. a Camry. A Camry is a great, reliable car but you’re not getting to the finals in a Camry!

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Minutes are there but damn the guy plays like he is scared of the ball or something now.


Between Giannis being Michael Jordan and Bledsoe trying to get his Malcolm looks lost out there. 


Even Snell is getting in on the action and he is better at looking like the Predator than actual NBA. 



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