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Malcolm Brogdon 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Team is still adjusting but even due this period of adjustment the team has improved


With Brogdon starting the bucks were 3 - 6 (including 1 win over the celts, first game after Hayward went down and they were still working things out. Also one win against the Hawks which is a gimme)


Sure Brogdons fantasy stats were good but the team was garbage. 


Team is much better now and will be even stronger when Brogdon can actually perform in the second unit and stop the rot when subs happen.


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"Yes." -- I.T, Dragic, Bledsoe

I run 3 nba fantasy leagues this year, and tbh I don't own Bledsoe in any one of them. Well, don't own Brogdon in any one of them too. not even planning on getting them since I kinda dislike both of t

lol brogdon is good but he's no bledsoe ..... fantasy heads can be hilarious sometimes, they think the game is just a box score. 

16 minutes ago, Whos_House said:

Only 24 for Bled, 26 for Giannis, 24 for Middleton and 24 for Henson as well.... Wonder if it had anything to do with them being up by 50pts...




He only played 9 minutes in the first half. If it wasn't for the blowout he would have probably played even less than 20 minutes. Jason Terry of all people got more minutes in the first half. 

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I love Brogdon and his fantasy game, but he's not getting enough minutes or usage to be effective in a 10 team league.

Shipped him off for Joe Ingles instead of dropping. If he can work his way back into the starting lineup OR bledsoe goes down look out.

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Bucks planning to waive Gary Payton II and bring in Sean Kilpatrick. Will this affect Brogdon's production?


Brogdon's been sneakily attempting at least 10 shots per game in the month of December. 3pts and steals are down, but hopefully they'll climb back to his average. Helps that Snell has been down, though he's been down only since December 7.

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20 minutes ago, Kamura said:

W T F - just traded for this guy....this is certainly worrying.


He's been pretty good to own though hasn't he?


He's been a model of consistency up until tonight. 30+ minutes. double digit scorer. decent rebounds and assists

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