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James Johnson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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If you ask me he's the most underrated player in fantasy - it's a crime that he only has 2 pages written. Sure, his TOs are far from perfect, he's not the greatest FT shooter, but he just about saves

Guys before this 3 game cold streak Jimmy J. Was putting up better numbers than last season with Waiters healthy so I think all of this is a classic overreaction again. Heck some were calling Jimmy  D

I think there's a good chance Miami will deal Whiteside and possibly also Dragic to open up minutes across the team.. I'm going to wait post trade-deadline before deciding if I drop or not.. if Miami

41 minutes ago, JormaJormala said:

He is starting to come to life again. Coming off the bench starts to pay dividends. Strong hold.

Minutes are still a worry plus hes wont always shoot 8/10 from the field. Still not high on him

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1 hour ago, 2013myyear said:

Like the RW blurb says, Olynyk's return after the break is going to make the 4 very crowded.


His minutes are the same.. he was just playing like crap the entire season outside of the first month or so.



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