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Malik Monk 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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I’m biased because I have monk in dynasty but...


‘’right now lamb starts however other than Kemba there are no above average 3 point shooters in that line up. Marvin hit 35% last year which is about his career average, Howard and mkg are 0s beyond the line and lamb? - 32%, and actually especially bad the last two years. His defensive rating was 108 which is pretty bad. No idea what monk is right now, and probably he is pretty bad on defensive but if lamb starts this team will struggle to score, and as good as they are defensively that putrid offense is just not enough

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30 minutes ago, Gorgeous George said:

I think as good as monk is he'll probably shoot them out of games as much if not more than help them win this year. 

I agree. He reminds me a lot of Marcus Thornton

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This dude, even with his likely inefficiency, looks NBA ready right now. I'm thinking he's got a real shot to see mins in the mid 20s and grow from there. I'm excited about his long term prospects in Dynasty formats

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On 10/12/2017 at 10:49 PM, Philzilla said:

Lamb has had his chances. He's not a long term solution for any team at this point. They have every incentive to letting Monk play big minutes. Since either player would be a dice roll in a 12 team league, I'd rather go with Monk.


I disagree with this. 'Has had his chances' is really vague and lacks context; general statement. He's had a few wasted years on OKC playing behind extreme depth, Brooks was never going to play rookies. The last two years on Charlotte he was actually VERY productive. Last season he had a 17 PER as a 24 year old bench guy. He posted very nice stats both as a reserve and as a starter (15 ppg in 5 games). 


Sometimes I think guys get caught up in the dude they like or picked up and try to bias their pick into being in a better situation season-long than they actually are. Try to be objective..


I own Lamb, and I can tell you that the reality is this: Lamb is older/more experienced, has shot the ball very well in Charlotte, Clifford likes his vets (look how much he got out of guys like Belinelli and Marvin), Clifford has sang Lamb's praises this offseason and how hard he's worked and how good he's looked on both ends (even in preseason he said he's been unreal for them), and already said he'll be starting. Despite all that, neither guy is appealing once Batum returns, and that's the real objective thought here. They'll both have short-term value, Monk as a points/3's gunner who will lack statistical diversity, and Lamb as a %'s / points / rebounds guy who sprinkles in a bit of steals / blocks / assists / low turnovers.


I get the general consensus behind your post, you also think Monk is a highly prized rookie and they have to invest in him, but this isn't a tanking team - he'll fall inline. 

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Yeah totally agree with lifschitz here. Lamb is by far the better pick up if you were deciding between the two, although that decision has long passed in any competitive league.


But going back to Monk. He's a flat out scorer with surprisingly good shot selection, and any of the other stats he gets is more a byproduct of him being on the court extended minutes imo. At least that's what I've noticed from the patches I've watched of him preseason since I grabbed him. So pick him up for the scoring and 3s but little else and hope his FG% isn't a category killer.




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1 hour ago, alex40214 said:

Lamb's 3pt% :

14-15:  .342

15-16:  .309

16-17:  .279

He shot 3/8 in three preseason games, small samples.

With Batum's injury, and MKG / Howard on court, the spacing would be real bad if no improvement shown on his 3pt%.


Malik Monk FG% every game in preseason:











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