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Damn, crazy values. I actually go Middleton at $6. He goes for $20+ in normal auctions, that's $14 in savings. Turner at $22 is great, fantastic, but he normaally goes for $30+, so maybe 8-12$ in savings.


Eh, A strong case can be made for Turner.


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Turner for me . He's like close to $40 in value for auction even though he goes for around $30-$35. Also, bigs are at a premium and Pacers are his team. Middleton is nice too( $22 value going avg $22, )though his skillset is easier to find at the lower values compared to big man stats and elite blocks. Also, don't know your settings but thinking next year you may be able to keep Turner for $33?  If he breaks out then thats pretty good value as well.

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Thx for all the replies. The reason why this is such a difficult choice is not the debate whether or not Turner is worth keeping. I'm very high on him.

It's keeping Middleton for $6, I'm gambling that Turner can be had for $30sh. So that's $36 to get them both back.


If I keep Turner at $22, there's no way I can get Middleton back for $14.


I guess everyone is saying suck it up and just keep Turner to not risk losing him.

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