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Serge Ibaka Outlook 2017-18 Season

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This is overthinking and getting way ahead of yourself don't you think?  You have to make it to championship week first.

Ibaka has really turned back the clock this week. He's playing like he's 38 years old again!

Rookie coming in with that fire roast sesh like a seasoned vet lol

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his production is so weird...Low ceiling, not even high floor

But his %s for his position along with 3s, blocks, and low to will likely put him at top 70 even when he is struggling. 

Traded him away with Vucevic for Turner, but haven't benefit much out of the trade yet (because the waiver is dry; just gotta stream)
I am all-in for efficient guys that get out-of-position stats, but was too frustrated that I drafted him in the 5th round. 
He might as well increase his value and start chucking up more threes. I don't understand how he could sustain more quality years in the NBA if he doesn't at least score more. But that happens when you get stuck in Toronto system. 

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You'd have to try to be more useless.


I already missed on Donovan Mitchell/Tyreke cause I wanted to give him some more chances. Seriously thinking of dropping for Favors (don't really want just short term value though) or Henson at this point

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