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8 team 11 cat, Double double and Triple double.


Lowry Teague Rose x 

Green Mccollum Covington 


Would you Accept or Reject? How that would affect the team?

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You have lots of guards so I'm for trading some away..but I think you will be trading two good ones away for not such a great return. I like the Lowry side imo.


I would try to keep Wall and Lowry.. and try to trade away Oladipo and Rose/Rondo if you can. Otherwise, Oladipo and Teague is ok to trade away too.


I'm not big on Covington either.. Green and Collum are ok to target.

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Take Draymond Green's side and run!

I meam, Draymond > Lowry, CJ>>> Teague, Covington>>>>>>Rose

First of all, you're overloaded with guards to begin with. Secondly, you're just getting a better bunch of players than the one you're trading away.  Both Draymond and Lowry wil  be top 20 players or pretty close, but CJ is going to be a top 30 while Teague offers something like top 75 value. He is going to lose a ton of value and usage playing beside KAT, Jimmy and Wiggins. His points and assists will get lower and his ceiling is pretty low.

And on top of everything: YOU GET RoCo! As a bonus!  RoCo is going to be a beast this season. He alone will offer more value than Teague. Expect him to be around top 40-45 value, with elite steals and elite blocks for his position. 

You will lose some assists, but that is pretty much it. You're getting a ton of rebounds and steals, you will improve in blocks and turnovers. 3s and points will stay the same probably and your % won't take a big hit despite RoCo and Draymond. 

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There is only one rule: no Lowry no Green..damn.

yeah, covington is a super bonus and this because the guy is a fan of Rose! ( no fantasy matter) 

About losing Teague: I don't know..cause I need his assists and some 10 10 night will be huge since is a DD league. I see a drop in points but not in assists. 

The trade originally was 2x2 - Dray Lord for Lowry Rose -  Clearly I'd add Monroe too if necessary. 

But losing Teague for McCollum it's a turning point between punt AST and not secure the 3s.


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1 hour ago, JimmyDolan said:

Man, McCollum is so much better than Teague.



Yeah but it depends on your need. 

For Assist and DD teague has much upside I think and without I have to lean on Rondo! 

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