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Alex Len 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

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35 minutes ago, Packerguy55 said:

Anyone else watch the game last night? I'm 99% sure Len blocked Dinwiddie on a layup and stat keepers didn't count it. Anyone else see it? I feel like there have been a lot of missed stats by the NBA this year


Yup. Missed block.

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They could cut Monroe and trade Chandler yet they’ll still manage to play him 20 mpg. 

Couldn't care less about all of them misses.   He has one simple job for me. Rebound the f*cking ball from a center unlike 75% of the NBA centers and he did that. Good job, Len.

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22 minutes ago, Trench Mob said:

He's so bad of a player. Not as bad as Chriss, but still hilariously bad. But he contributes towards the stat sheet, so I guess I gotta keep him.

He's a much better defender and rebounder than Chriss is. Len just has absolute stone-hands, and is a deer-in-the-headlights when he has the ball around the basket, but if his role can be simplified to just defense and rebounding, he can be pretty useful player.

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48 minutes ago, Packerguy55 said:

I just dont understand how this keeps happening and so frequently. Its really compromising the integrity of Fantasy NBA. I know its already cost me a few times and with people who are playing in money leagues its such a kick in the nuts. 

It becomes pretty ironic when you consider how this is the year the NBA has really tried to capitalize on and heavily promote fantasy. 


Yet their stat tracking method changed and is decidedly worse. 

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