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George Hill 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Maybe in terms of points/rebounds/assists, (though I still see Hill beating out Ish in all of those, especially points), but Ish Smith is a career 41% FG/66% FT guy who made .3 3's per game last year.

So people are dropping Hill based off 1 game where he played 21 min. for a new team in a new system. Predicting what he’s going to do is just silly, need a sample size established etc. Why make the ad

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At this point his value only goes up with a trade. SAC is a terrible fit. I wouldn't expect a trade to happen until we get much closer to the deadline though. 

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5 minutes ago, The Jaguar Paw said:

Is he a drop now that he is going to get a lot of healthy DNP-CDs? Or should it be done only if there is a hot player available on the wire?  I have been thinking about switching him for Labissiere since I'm desperate for a big man but Hill's last game made me kind of tentative.

Me too man... me too
i like Skal's ROS sooooo muuuuuch

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  He has limited value now because Joerger throws darts at a dartboard to decide minutes from game to game.  He'd have limited value in Cleveland because he'd only be the primary ball handler like 10 minutes a game at the very most.  Wade is still there, Rose and maybe Calderon, to say nothing of the fact that any time IT and LeBron are on the court they're gonna be soaking up the usage and Love struggles for any table scraps unless he's super hot.


I mean at best he takes Wade's role.  And Wade is barely rosterable right now.  And Wade will still be there competing for those touches anyway.


I really don't see his value changing much, either positively or negatively.  He can be a decent stream but probably the worst player on your roster.

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54 minutes ago, thefloat said:

He's such a fantastic fit for the Cavs and will wind up playing 30+ minutes in the playoffs.


Not so much in fantasy, though. Hard to see him doing better than 15-3-4 and a steal.


If he gets these numbers I ll be shocked! 

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If this Cavs trade happens....


In real life - obviously better to be on a contender than the Kings.


In fantasy - absolutely no difference.


Side note: If the Kings don’t get a pick included for Hill (which I doubt the Cavs would give as part of the trade), then they are still very stupid. Hill has value. Why trade him now with no pick to show for it? Just wait until someone offers a pick.

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Position designation in real life doesn't necessarily reflect the position you can play on offense. It has more to do with the position you can defend on defense. Cavs can really use a 2-way player like George Hill who can also playmake a little. He should eat up most of the 29 minutes JR Smith is getting and improve the team on both sides of the court. 


We don't know what Cavs will do with Isaiah Thomas either. Maybe he gets moved too since he's on a expiring contract. A lot of moving pieces here but I think going to Cavs will improve George Hill's fantasy value.

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3 minutes ago, thefloat said:

George Hill is a perfect guy to throw at Curry, and he shoots 45% from three. I don't see how anyone could say he doesn't move the needle for the Cavs.


Getting Hill will improve the Cavs, but in the grand scheme or things (in another word, when Cavs play against the Warriors), it wouldn't matter if they still have to play Isaiah Thomas. If Cavs can get Hill, however, at least it opens up options for the Cavs where they can now trade Thomas for a wing or big man. 

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6 minutes ago, Tom Chambers said:

Fox is doubtful to return, something about his abs.  If this is a significant injury, it might negatively affect the chances of Hill being moved.  Probably not, but maybe.


they still have mason coming back so doubt this changes anything... and Hill wants out

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George Hill - G - Kings

The Cavs and Kings are "further apart on a trade for George Hill than it first appeared," according to Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com.

After multiple published reports last week, it appeared the two teams were zeroing on a deal that would also involve Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert. However, Vardon reports that the two sides "were never closer," and that significant hurdles toward a potential deal remain. The report also notes that, according to league sources, "Hill may still be dealing with a sore toe that nagged him last season."
Source: Cleveland.com
Jan 26 - 11:22 AM
Never closer?  But how can that be? Lebron's lapdog Brian Windhorst was acting like on Zach Lowe's podcast a few days ago that it was basically a done deal. 
I can see why it is not close though.  I know we are talking about the Kings here, but they would be stupid to take on Frye, Shumpert, and a second rd pick (Windhorst mentioned the pick) for Hill.  They should be in no such rush to trade Hill.  Just to get rid of his contract this quickly?  For what, so they can extend 55 year old Vince Carter?  They should only trade Hill if a first round pick is included.
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